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Hand Crafted Memorials



At Greater Lansing Monuments, we see the process of choosing and placing a memorial as an opportunity to heal. Monuments, urns, and tombstones provide a place for us to mourn, remember, and celebrate the life of someone we love.

We make sure that your customized monument is made with the best quality granite and bronze. You can choose the material and we will ensure that the final memorial shows our skill as well as our respect toward your loved one. We will work with natural stones that you bring in to be engraved to your requirements.

Hand Crafted memorials

Granite and Bronze Markers 

Some cemeteries request that flat markers be used instead of upright monuments and tombstones. If that’s the case for you, we can help you through the process to make sure the marker you choose perfectly reflects the life of your loved one. 

Process: The passing of someone you cherish is one of the hardest challenges life has to offer. Greater Lansing Monuments is here to take as much stress and worry off of your shoulders as possible when it comes to planning and building their memorial.  


Memorial Monuments

Generations from now, your family will be able to reflect on the full life that each handcrafted monument represents. We offer a variety of memorial benches, cremation memorials, flower vases, and cremation urns, so you can choose the perfect monument or tombstone for your loved one. To witness each unique legacy being hand-hewn into stone or metal, stop by our shop in Lansing.

No Matter the Request, We Have What You Need

  • Bevel and flat markers or headstones

  • Bronze markers with granite bases

  • Cremation urns

  • Floral vases

  • Granite benches

  • Granite monuments

  • Pet memorials

  • Porcelain and metal photos – portraits and text

  • Slant markers

memorial monuments
pet memorials

Pet Memorials

They are with us for a short time, but the impact they leave lasts our whole lives. We handcraft custom memorial markers or monuments that will help show the immense impact your companion had on your life. Our craftsman can accommodate any design and size you would like so that their memory is represented in the best way possible. 

Call Jeff Davis today for a FREE estimate.

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